Three NGOs probed for aiding illegal immigration

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 3 – The prosecutors department in the
Sicilian city of Trapani has notified three NGOs involved in
rescuing migrants at sea and 21 individuals that it has
concluded an investigation into alleged aiding of illegal
    This move usually comes before prosecutors request indictments.
    The NGOs are Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
and German organization Jugend Rettet.
    The Iuventa ship, which was running migrant-rescue operations
for Jugend Rettet, was put under sequester in 2017 in relation
to the probe.
    MSF said the notification came a day after a Catania judge had
sent it to trial for alleged felonies related to trash during
its rescue operations.
    “The decisions made by the judiciary within hours of each other
come on top of numerous attempts to criminalize sea rescues,”
MSF said.
    “Up to now none of the accusations have been confirmed but the
capacity to rescue has been dangerously weakened”. (ANSA).


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