Distance learning for up to 6mn pupils from Monday

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 3 – As many as six million Italian pupils may be doing lessons via distance learning as of next Monday as a result of a new package of COVID-19 measures passed by Premier Mario Draghi’s government, according to an estimate by the Tuttoscuola education magazine.
    The closure of all schools in high-contagion-risk red zones, rather than just high schools, was the biggest change with respect to the existing rules to feature in the new decree, which comes into force on Saturday and runs until after Easter on April 6.
    The decree also gives regional authorities that are not red zones the power to close all schools in specific areas of high contagion, where there are 250 COVID cases or more for every 100,000 inhabitants in a week.
    Tuttoscuola said the new rules could see the number of students being taught via distance learning double from the three million that were having lessons in this way on March 1.
    The new decree keeps the current system of tiered restrictions based on a region’s COVID contagion risk level, going from low-risk white to moderate-risk yellow, medium-risk orange and high risk red.
    In red zones all restaurants and bars are closed, except for takeaways and home deliveries, and all non-essential shops are closed too.
    In orange zones, shops can do business but restaurants and bars must stay closed.
    In yellow zones, shops are open and so are bars and restaurants until 6pm.
    In white zones many of these restrictions can be dropped and, for example, restaurants can serve food in the evening.
    Sardinia is Italy’s only white zone at the moment.
    Another important change is that cinemas and theatres will be able to reopen from March 27 in yellow zones and people will be allowed to visit museums at the weekend.
    At the moment museums are only allowed to open from Monday to Friday in yellow zones.
    A ban on travelling between regions, except for work or health reasons or other situations of need, remains. (ANSA).


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