Cristoforetti says ready to return to space in 2022

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 3 – Italian astronaut Samantha
Cristoforetti said Wednesday that she is ready for her second
stint in space in 2022 and talked of a “mix of joy and new
professional challenges”.
    Cristoforetti was speaking as the European Space Agency (ESA)
and its Director General Josef Aschbacher presented the new
mission with other officials.
    “It is a great joy to be able to finally return to the
(International) Space Station,” said Cristoforetti, who is
widely known as AstroSam.
    ESA Human and Robotic Exploration Director David Parker said a
private space vehicle will take Cristoforetti to the ISS but
added that it had not yet been chosen. (ANSA).


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