5 arrests over Reggio Calabria ballot rigging

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(ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, MAR 3 – Italian police on Wednesday
arrested five people in connection with alleged ballot rigging
at the local elections in September 2020 in Reggio Calabria.
    The five were placed under house arrest, while another person
was suspended from public duties in the probe.
    The six have been placed under investigation variously for vote
rigging, fraud in public duties and abuse of office.
    City councillor Antonino Castorina, a former member of the
national directorate of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD),
was arrested along with members of his entourage and a local
    Nationalist League party leader Matteo Salvini said the
elections should be re-held due to the case.
    Independent former council candidate and journalist Klaus Davi
also said the elections should be staged again because ballots
were allegedly stuffed dn favour of Castorina. (ANSA).


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