TV: Belen extends Golden Tapir record

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 2 – Argentine-Italian showgirl Belen
Rodriguez has extended her record for the Striscia La Notizia
satirical TV show’s ‘wooden spoon’ with her 30th Golden Tapir
award for joining a public gathering of over 400 people in Milan
despite COVID-19 Saturday night.
    Belen, 36, who is five months pregnant, sais she had gone to the
popular gathering point “only to eat and I just took my facemask
off for a photo”.
    The former model started getting the Tapirs from the popular TV
show in 2008.
    In the rankings, she is followed by entertainer Rosario Fiorello
(25 Golden Tapirs) and former footballer Antonio Cassano (15
). (ANSA).


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