Holy See-Italy: Govt shd restore hope to country – Parolin

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, MAR 2 – The Italian government should
restore hope to the country amid the COVID pandemic, Vatican
Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said ahead of the
annual bilateral on the anniversary of the Lateran Pacts.
    “Hope must be restored to the country. We perceive a situation
of depression, and it is important that the government, among
its priorities, also succeed in really giving hope,” he told
Italian TV.
    “And in this the Church, too, can be of great help and great
    Parolin said the Vatican hoped Mario Draghi’s new national unity
government would see “most of the political forces find a spirit
of agreement, of collaboration among the sides, and work
effectively for the common good in order to really respond to
the grave problems of today’s Italy”. (ANSA).


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