‘Wizard’ arrested in manslaughter of disabled man

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(ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, MAR 1 – Italian police on Monday
arrested a 40-year-old self-styled ‘wizard’ on suspicion of
causing the manslaughter death of a mentally disabled man.
    Davide De Simone, 40, is accused of taking advantage of the man
and telling him to suspend a drug treatment and refuse an
operation, leading to his death.
    De Simone’s wife, V.G., 37, was placed under house arrest on
charges of receiving stolen goods.
    The wizard raised false hopes in the disabled man in exchange
for money, a preliminary investigations judge (GIP) said.
    GIP Barbara Borelli described De Simone as a “fully blown
professional of deceit, ready to profit from people’s moments of
weakness, providing false hopes in exchange for money”.
    As well as aggravated fraud and preying on the vulnerable, the
wizard was also charged with sexual violence.
    The GIP said he sexually abused three women. (ANSA).


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