Sardinia becomes Italy’s first COVID ‘white zone’

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 1 – Sardinia has become Italy’s first
region to be classed as a low-COVID-19-risk white zone, meaning
that many of the restrictions in place in the rest of the
country to combat the spread of the coronavirus have been
    As result Governor Christian Solinas signed an order early on
Monday enabling bars and pubs to stay open to 21:00, restaurants
to serve until 23:00 and moving the night curfew, which kicks in
elsewhere at 22:00, until 23:30. Restrictions in several other regions, however, have been
increased due to a rise in COVID-19 contagion.
    Basilicata and Molise became high-risk red zones on Monday and
Lombardy, Marche and Piedmont went from being moderate-risk
yellow to medium-high risk orange.
    In red zones all restaurants and bars are closed, except for
takeaways and home deliveries, and all non-essential shops are
closed too.
    In orange zones, shops can do business but restaurants and bars
must stay closed.
    In yellow zones, shops are open and so are bars and restaurants
until 6pm.
    Emilia-Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini, the head of the
conference of regional governments, said much of the country was
set for some tough weeks.
    “March will be very difficult,” Bonaccini told Mediaset
television on Sunday.
    “The third wave (of contagion), which has already hit Germany,
England and France, is hitting part of Italy, including
    “So we will be ready for every restriction (necessary) to
protect people and bring down the contagion curve, which is
rising in a major way, in order to have a better spring and
summer”. (ANSA).


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