M5S taps Conte for ‘refoundation’

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 1 – The 5-Star Movement (M5S) has tapped
former premier Giuseppe Conte to lead a “refounding project” for
the formerly anti-establishment and still populist group.
    Movement founder and standup comic Beppe Grillo announced the
move after a summit with M5S top brass and the ex-premier at a
Rome hotel.
    “It’s a beautiful day,” tweeted Grillo.
    Conte is expected to come up with ideas for the party’s
refoundation and report back later this week.
    The M5S has seen several MPs leave since its backed national
unity premier Mario Draghi, the former European central banker
once seen as an anathema by the movement’s grass roots.
    But it remains the biggest party in parliament and the one with
most ministers in Draghi’s cabinet.
    Conte led the coalition between the M5S and the centre-left
Democratic Party(PD) that collapsed in January, as well as a
2018-2019 alliance between the M5S and the nationalist League
party. (ANSA).


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