Italy must take more steps on reforms – Gentiloni

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 1 – European Economic Affairs Commissioner
Paolo Gentiloni told an ANSA Forum on Monday that Italy was
doing a good job with its COVID-19 Recovery Plan while stressing
more work was need on its proposed reforms.
    He said that the National Plan for Resilience and Recovery
(PNRR) Italy has prepared to access over 200 billion euros in
grants and low-interest loans from the Next Generation EU
programme is good with regards to “the major strategic
    “But there are still steps forward to be made, not just in terms
of specifying the investments and the time frames to achieve the
objectives, but, above all, in terms of reforms,” the former
Italian premier added. He said these reforms regarded “competition, the time frames of
civil justice, the effectiveness of the civil service and tax
    Gentiloni said that no country was behind in the preparation of
their respective recovery plans and said he hoped a 13% quota of ‘pre-financing’ could be allocated to at least some of the EU
States before the summer. (ANSA).


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