COVID: Coming weeks won’t be easy says Speranza

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 1 – COVID-19 contagion is rising sharply
in Italy and the next few weeks will be tough, Health Minister
Roberto Speranza said on Monday.
    “It would be nice to say that everything is over and we are in a
new phase but the biggest responsibility of those who represent
the public institutions is to stay things as they are,” Speranza
    “And the truth is that the coming weeks will not be easy.
    “We have a vaccination campaign to step up in these weeks, and
today the numbers are going in the right direction but they need
to increase further, and at the same time we have a very strong
    “The contagion curve is going up in a significant way and so we
still need to battle with energy.
    “Signals that the curve is rising are coming from all the
regions”. (ANSA).


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