Teen gang arrested for robbing hotel

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(ANSA) – TURIN, FEB 25 – An Italian teen gang were arrested
Thursday for robbing a Turin hotel after tying up the night
    Three minors and a 20-year-old were arrested for robbery and
taking a person hostage.
    The four allegedly robbed the hotel and fled on electric
scooters, wearing hoods and facemasks, police said.
    The porter managed to free himself and call the police who
stopped the 20-year-old.
    Two of the minors were traced back to a B&B they used as a lair
and arrested there.
    The third minor was picked up at home.
    Police used CCTV footage in the probe.
    A girl has been cited for aiding and abetting the alleged gang.
    The hotel is in via Principi D’Acaja, in the centre of the
Piedmont capital.
    When the 20-year-old was arrested he still had on him the duct
tape used to tie up the porter, as well as a hundred euros,
police said.
    Police also seized a ski mask and a knife from him.
    One of the teenagers was found hiding in a wardrobe. (ANSA).


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