COVID cases up 10% in 7 days, alert in 41 provinces – GIMBE

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 25 – Italian COVID cases have risen by 10%
in the last seven days amid an increase in the spread of more
infectious variants like the British one, the health foundation
GIMBE said Thursday.
    This came after the number of cases had held steady for four
weeks, it said.
    Over the last week, GIMBE said, “there has been an inversion in
the trend which edges on 10% at a national level, a mark of the
rapid spread of more contagious variants.
    The situation is particularly concerning in 41 provinces where
the rise in new cases is over 20%.
    An alert has been sounded in these provinces due to the variant
    GIMBE said that “rigorous restrictions are needed in the areas
where sudden surges are seen”.
    It called for “targeted measures” (ANSA).


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