Uni prof who insulted Meloni suspended

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(ANSA) – SIENA, FEB 23 – An Italian university professor has
been suspended after he insulted nationalist Brothers of Italy
(FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni after she criticised Premier Mario
    Modern history lecturer Giovanni Gozzini last week called
rightist leader Meloni a “fishwife” for “daring to criticise
someone like Draghi”, a former European Central Bank chief
credited with saving the euro whose nickname is Super Mario.
    Asked to moderate his language so as not insult fishsellers,
Gozzini replied “what should I call her then, a cow, a sow,
what fully captures her ignorance and arrogance?”
Meloni received crossparty solidarity after the incident,
broadcast live on Italian radio.
    Siena University said Monday it was suspending Gozzini from
teaching “as a precautionary measure” pending possible
disciplinary action.
    The dean said he would propose Gozzin serve a three-month
suspension for actions deemed to have brought the institution’s
good name into disrepute. (ANSA).


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