Partner detained over woman’s murder as femicides continue

Weird Italy a95e3408d0f5fff66a52db6032f162c2 Partner detained over woman's murder as femicides continue What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 23 – The 45-year-old partner of 50-year-old woman who was killed on Monday in Bondeno, in the northern province of Ferrara, is suspected of the murder and has been detained.
    Prosecutors said the man gave a “contradictory” version of events.
    The case looks set to be only the latest in a long string of femicides in Italy that shows no signs of stopping.
    On Monday a 39-year-old farmer from a village near Trento on killed his 42-year-old wife with a hatchet blow to the neck and then tried to kill himself with the same weapon.
    A 20-year-old student is seriously ill in hospital, meanwhile, after being stabbed by her former boyfriend in Turin. (ANSA).


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