Boss who stapled lips together re-arrested

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(ANSA) – TURIN, FEB 23 – A Catania Mafia boss who famously
stapled his lips together before being convicted in the Cosa
Nostra ‘maxi-trial’ of 1986-1992 was re-arrested Monday for
carrying an illegal sidearm in Turin.
    Salvatore Ercolano nicknamed ‘Turi’, 70, is a cousin of jailed
Catania superboss Benedetto ‘Nitto’ Santapaola.
    He was recently released after serving a 25-year term for mafia
    The leading member of Catania’s Santapaola-Ercolano clan has
been charged with illegally carrying and illegal possession of a
    A probe between March and May 2019 established that the elderly
boss travelled around Italy with an illegal weapon on several
    Ercolano was placed under house arrest on Monday morning,
judicial sources said Tuesday. (ANSA).


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