COVID: Over 3.5 vaccine shots given in Italy

Weird Italy d8f470927b66f7d9d567819466a4c1a3 COVID: Over 3.5 vaccine shots given in Italy What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 22 – The number of COVID vaccine shots
administered in Italy has now passed 3.5 million, the government
said Monday.
    As of 15:00 Monday they were 3,537,975, it said.
    Those who have also been given their second shots are now
    Of the 3.5 million, some 2,210,876 have gone to health
personnel, 638,483 to non health personnel, 367,054 to care home
residents, 261,444 to the over 80s, 24,902 to the armed forces,
and 35,216 to school staff. (ANSA).


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