Vatican/Italy: Draghi-Parolin to meet Mar 2

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, FEB 19 – A bilateral meeting between
the Holy See and Italy on the anniversary of the Latern pacts
and the Concordat’s revision, initially scheduled for February
12, will now be held on March 2 with Premier Mario Draghi
leading the Italian delegation and Secretary of State Cardinal
Pietro Parolini the Vatican one, sources at the Holy See told
ANSA Friday.
    A traditional reception will not be held due to the COVID
emergency, which will also impose restrictions, the sources
    The Lateran Pacts of 1929 were agreements between the Kingdom of
Italy under King Victor Emanuel III and the Holy See under Pope
Pius XI to settle the long-standing Roman Question. The treaty
and associated pacts were named after the Lateran Palace where
they were signed on 11 February 1929, and the Italian parliament
ratified them on 7 June 1929. The treaty recognized Vatican City
as an independent state under the sovereignty of the Holy See.
    The Italian government also agreed to give the Roman Catholic
Church financial compensation for the loss of the Papal States.
    In 1948, the Lateran Treaty was recognized in the Constitution
of Italy as regulating the relations between the state and the
Catholic Church.
    In 1984, an agreement was signed, revising the concordat. Among
other things, both sides declared: “The principle of the
Catholic religion as the sole religion of the Italian State,
originally referred to by the Lateran Pacts, shall be considered
to be no longer in force”. (ANSA).


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