Recovery Fund makes Audit Court even more crucial – Draghi

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 19 – Premier Mario Draghi told Italy’s
Audit Court on Friday that its role has become even more
important, with Italy set to get over 200 billion euros in
grants and low-interest loans from the EU’s COVID-19 Recovery
    “Today the court has become even more crucial,” Draghi said at
the ceremony for the inauguration of the State auditor’s
judicial year.
    “The Recovery and Resilience Facility allocates significant
financial resources to our country, setting a clear direction –
invest in the future.
    “It is up to those who govern to make the strategic decisions,
to those who administer to execute them in an effective and
efficient way, and to those who check to verify that the
resources are correctly used.
    “Government, parliament, civil service, Audit court and all our
country’s institutions must be the lead players of a path of
economic and social rebirth”. Draghi said the court had to be “intransigent” but “rapid at the
same time”.
    “The extraordinary times we live in demand this,” he said.


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