Inflation turns positive in Jan after 8 mts negative

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 19 – Italian inflation turned positive
again in January after 8 months in negative territory, ISTAT
said Friday.
    The consumer price index rose 0.7% on a monthly basis and 0.4%
on an annual basis, the stats agency said.
    This came after an annual fall of 0.2% in December.
    ISTAT said the rise in the index was mainly due to energy
    ‘Acquired inflation’ for 2021 is 0.6% for the general index and
0.3% for the underlying component, the statistics agency said.
    Farm group Coldiretti said food products were pushing Italy out
of deflation.
    Their overall price was 0.6% up in January, with peaks of 3% for
fruit, the agricultural association said.
    The inflation trolley of most frequently bought household goods
saw prices rise by 0.4% in January. (ANSA).


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