Man confesses to murdering Pavia woman

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(ANSA) – PAVIA, FEB 18 – A young man of no fixed abode on
Thursday confessed to murdering a Pavia woman he had been seeing
in her home on Friday.
    Alessio Nigro, 28, originally from the province of Lodi, said he
had killed Lidia Pescherera, 49, after an umpteenth row.
    He has been charged with murder and taken to the Torre del Gallo
Prison in Pavia.
    Police described Nigro as an alcoholic and a “misfit”.
    The man told police he had strangled Pescherera in her bath on
Friday after falling into a “fit” after they had had their “umpteenth argument” about petty issues.
    The woman was found dead in her flat on Wednesday afternoon.


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