M5S to eject rebel lawmakers says Crimi

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(see related story on new Draghi government) (ANSA) – ROME, FEB 18 – 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Vito Crimi said Thursday that the 15 M5S Senators who broke ranks and voted against Premier Mario Draghi’s new government in a confidence vote in the Upper House on Wednesday will be expelled from the movement.
    “They have effectively positioned themselves in the opposition,” Crimi said via Facebook.
    “For this reason they can no longer be part of the Movement’s group in the Senate”.
    Many within the anti-establishment movement are unhappy about supporting a government led by a technocrat like Draghi, the former head of the European Central Bank (ECB), even though the move was ratified by a vote of M5S members last week.
    A handful of M5S MPs are also expected to vote against the government in Thursday’s confidence vote in the Lower House.
    “The 15 Senators failed to comply with their commitment to be spokespeople of the Movement who must respect the vote instructions given by the members,” Crimi said.
    “Among other things, the vote on the new government is not a vote like any other.
    “It is the vote upon which the majority that supports the executive and the opposition take form.
    “I am aware that some people will not like this decision.
    “But if you demand respect for those who think differently, that same respect is owed to those who put aside their personal positions and contribute to the work of a group that has no other objective but to serve the citizens and the country”.


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