EX fire chief donned SS uniform in FB post

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(ANSA) – MILAN, FEB 18 – The former fire chief in the
northern Italian city of Biassono near Monza donned an SS
officer’s uniform in a Fecbook post in October that earned him a
six-month suspended jail term and a 250,000 euro fine, a judge
recalled Thursday in explaining the man’s conviction for apology
of fascism.
    The former commander, Giorgio Piacentini, accompanied his
picture with captions including “all it would take is a company
of these to fix certain things” and “I’ll ask the mayor to adopt
this uniform”.
    By sporting an SS uniform, judge Marco Formentini said,
Piacentini “not only publicly exalted antidemocratic principles
and values belonging to nazism and fascism, but also conveyed a
message of support for idea based on the superiority of the race
and racial discrimination, the SS being sadly noted in the
collective memory for their persecution of the Jews”.
    The judge said the official had undermined the public’s
confidence in institutions.
    He had also wrongly communicated the notion that “officials, in
order to be efficient, had to be violent and authoritarian like
the SS”.
    Piacentini told the court “I’m not a Nazi, but a history buff”.


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