Draghi calls for ‘reasonable’ trial lengths

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 18 – Premier Mario Draghi on Thursday
called for justice reforms to make “reasonable” trial lengths,
in line with the EU, in a speech ahead of a confidence vote in
the House.
    Speeding Italy’s snail-paced justice is one of the top items on
Draghi’s agenda, along with slashing business-stifling red rape,
progressive tax reforms and green and digital transition.
    Draghi said that processes in public tenders should be sped up,
and noted that delays harboured illicit potential.
    Draghi added that his government’s action would be marked by an
eye on the future.
    Draghi also said his government would fight corruption because
it was a drag on the economy; that small and medium sized
businesses will get tax credits; and that COVID fears in
overcrowded jails will not be neglected.
    He also announced a commitment to boosting sport which has been
hard hit by the pandemic.
    The ex-ECB chief is expected to get an overwhelming vote of
confidence in the House Thursday night after a triumph in the
Senate Wednesday. (ANSA).


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