Cops seize 150 mn from mafia-linked ‘supermarket king’

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, FEB 18 – Italian police on Thursday seized
150 million euros from a Palermo-based ‘supermarket king’ who
has been linked with the mafia.
    Carmelo Lucchese, 53, owns 13 supermarkets in Palermo and the
surrounding province, at Bagheria, Carini, Bolognetta, San
Cipirello and Termini Imerese.
    Police froze his bank accounts, inusrance policies and shares,
impounded companies, and seized property and cars.
    Police said their investigations had shown that Lucchese, while
not a member of Cosa Nostra, was “close” to them.
    Informants said he had ties to the mafia in Bagheria and had had
business benefits from them.
    In exchange for their favours, police said, he hired relatives
of Cosa Nostra bosses.
    He also allegedly put a flat at the disposal of late long-time
fugitive Bernardo Provenzano in the period shortly before his
capture in 2006 after 43 years on the run.
    Lucchese’s main company, Gamac, grew exponentially thanks to the
Mob’s help and in 2019 had a turnover of more than 80 million
euros. (ANSA).


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