Writer Manfredi comes out of coma

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(ANSA) – GROSSETO, FEB 17 – Writer, historian and TV
presenter Valerio Massimo Manfredi on Tuesday night emerged from
the pharmacologically induced coma he had been in since being
found unconscious in his Rome home, a victim of carbon monoxide
poisoning, last Thursday.
    He is still being treated in a hyperbaric chamber in the
southern Tuscan coastal city of Grosseto.
    Writer Antonella Prenner, who was with Manfredi and also
succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning, is also on the mend.
    Manfredi, 77, is a historian, writer, essayist, archaeologist
and journalist, as well as TV host.
    His novel The Last Legion was the basis for the movie of the
same title, released in 2007 and starring Colin Firth, Ben
Kingsley and others; and his Alexander Trilogy has been bought
by Universal Pictures for yet another cinematic rendition of the
story of Alexander the Great. (ANSA).


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