Stellantis Europe sales fall 27.4% in Jan

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(ANSA) – TURIN, FEB 17 – Stellantis’ European sales fell
27.4% in January, the new Italo-American-French carmaker said
    The world’s fourth-biggest car group, formed by the merger of
FCA and PSA, notched January sales of 178,565 vehicles in the
EU, EFTA and UK.
    Its market share fell to 21.2% compared to the combined 21.7%
claimed by FCA and PSA in January 2020.
    Overall, sector group ACEA said Wednesday, the European car
market fell by 25.7% in January.
    Some 842,835 vehicles were registered, the carmakers’
association said.
    Stellantis recently said its Italy sales were down 21.7% in
    Its market share in Italy fell to 39.2%
from 43.1%. (ANSA).


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