Man found dead on train tracks was bullied say family

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(ANSA) – FOGGIA, FEB 17 – A 29-year-old Italian man whose
body was found on train tracks last month and is believed to
have committed suicide was the victim of bullies, his family
said Wednesday.
    Relatives of Marco Ferrazzano, whose body was found on the
tracks after disappearing earlier in the day on January 22, said
he often came home with bruises, claiming he had fallen over,
and he had his phone stolen at least once a month.
    His phone was stolen for the last time the day before he went
missing, said his sister Miriam.
    Foggia Mayor Franco Landella said Ferrazzano’s death “obliges us
all to reflect on the terrible consequences that can stem from
forms of violence, more or less subtle, like bullying”. (ANSA).


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