Gentiloni urges extraordinary effort on Recovery Plan

Weird Italy 3af545dbf7f5414b68ada85a0492bc6c Gentiloni urges extraordinary effort on Recovery Plan What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 17 – European Economic Affairs
Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni on Wednesday called for an “extraordinary” effort to present Italy’s COVID Recovery Plan on
schedule by the end of April saying a lot of time had been
wasted with the recent government crisis.
    Speaking on Italian TV, the ex-premier said Italy was among 20
countries that had already filed a draft of the plan.
    He said he was sure that Mario Draghi’s new government would now “improve and strengthen this plan”.
    A delay in filing the plan would “certainly hurt”, the
centre-left Democratic Party (PD) heavyweight said, “but we are
not the last in line, and we are perfectly capable of meeting
the formal deadline”.
    If its plan is approved, Italy is set to get 209 billion euros
from the EU’s 750 billion euro Recovery Fund. (ANSA).


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