Remains found in Ticino thought to be of slain trucker

(ANSA) – PAVIA, FEB 16 – Italian police on Tuesday found
human remains in the Ticino River they believe belong to an
Italian lorry driver murdered early last month and thrown into
the river near Vigevano.
    Filippo Incarbone, 49, is believed to have been murdered by two
men from Vigevano, Michael Mangano, 31, and Gianluca Iacullo,
    Filippo Incarbone was last seen on December 27 when he went to
see his brother at Gambolo’ near Pavia.
    On January 3 he sent a New Year’s well-wishing message to his
    Since then, there has been no trace of him.
    Neighbours called police after his dog had been barking non-stop
for 24 hours.
    His disappearance was also covered on the RAI state broadcaster
missing persons show Chi l’ha visto?
Police said the two men beat Incarbone to death with punches,
kicks and a builder’s hammer, and then dumped his body in the
nearby Ticino River.
    The murder was said to have been due to money and drugs, police
    Incarbone was said to have been exploited by Carbone because he
was “fragile” and easily controlled with drug handouts.
    Incarbone’s brother said he only had infrequent trucking jobs in
Milan and was often out of pocket. (ANSA).


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