Open Arms migrant rescue ship brings 146 to Porto Empedocle

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(ANSAmed) – AGRIGENTO, FEBRUARY 16 – The migrant rescue
ship Open Arms arrived in Sicily’s Porto Empedocle on Tuesday
carrying 146 people it had saved in several operations conducted
in the Mediterranean Sea.
    It will have to wait until about 100 other people who have
finished their quarantine period onboard the Allegra vessel
disembark before those it is carrying will be allowed to.
    Those disembarking from the Allegra will be transferred to
migrant reception facilities in Italy’s Tuscany and Emilia
Romagna regions via Catania and Milan.
    Some 130 other people had left the quarantine ship on
    The migrants rescued by Open Arms, with the exception of
minors, will be hosted in the Casteltermini facilities.
    On Tuesday evening, another roughly one hundred migrants are
expected to arrive on a ferry in Porto Empedocle from the island
of Lampedusa. These people will be transferred onto the Allegra
as well.
    In order to ensure that the operations are conducted
smoothly, police are present and will be carrying out
identification procedures at the same time.(ANSAmed). (ANSA).


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