Girl, 3 1/2, dies after car crash

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(ANSA) – VERCELLI, FEB 16 – A three-and-a-half-year-old girl
died in hospital after sustaining critical injuries in a car
crash near Vercelli in Piedmont on Monday night, sources said
    Her six-year-old sister, also injured in the crash, is intubated
in intensive care after suffering head and abdominal injuries.
    The girls’ mother and a man who was also in the car were also
hurt but are not in danger.
    The dead girl was pronounced in desperate condition as soon as
she arrived at the ER at Turin’s Regina Margherita Hospital.
    She had suffered critical head injuries which led to cardiac
    The crash happened on state highway 11 between Borgo d’Ale and
Tronzano, in the Vercelli area.
    An autopsy has been ordered. (ANSA).


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