Fox found prowling Florence church loggia

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(ANSA) – FLORENCE, FEB 16 – A fox was found prowling along
the loggia of a Florence church Monday night, sources said
    The animal was found in the Sant’Egidio Church, in the complex
that houses the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in the heart of the
Tuscan capital.
    Vets made sure it was OK before it was released back into the
hills above Florence.
    Police were called to the scene after noises were heard,
initially thought to be those of homeless people sheltering from
the cold.
    “To our great surprise, on the other hand we found a fox that
was probably looking for food and safe refuge,” said Santa Maria
Nuova Foundation President Giancarlo Landini.
    “We have grown used to the ever more frequent incursions of
these animals into the city”.
    He said that since the city was in semi-lockdown for COVID, “the
almost total absence of people invites the animals to circulate
undisturbed, looking for food”.
    Chief vet Enrico Loretti said: “the animal, adult and healthy,
was released back into a more suitable habitat after it was
assessed and fed.
    “It’s nothing new for foxes to be sighted in the centre of the
city”. (ANSA).


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