‘Experimental’ concerts to be held in Paris and Marseilles

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(ANSAmed) – PARIS, FEBRUARY 16 – Two experimental concerts
will be held in Paris and Marseilles in March in an attempt to
understand whether concert halls are high risk for COVID-19
    The announcement was made by Culture Minister Roselyne
Bachelot in illustrating the government strategy for finding a
model enabling it to reopen entertainment venues despite the
ongoing pandemic.
    ”We are working on it,” the minister told the television
channel LCI. “I am very optimistic about festivals with the
public seated. I am keeping my fingers crossed but taking all
the necessary precautions.” “On the issue of shows with the public standing,” Bachelot
added, “this is more complicated, This is why I am pushing
forward on these experiments to test well what happens.” She noted that unless the country finds itself “in a
catastrophic situation from the public health standpoint”, and
so long as the protocols are approved, two concerts will be held
in the second half of March, with about 1,000 people attending
in Marseille’s Dome concert hall.
    Attendees will be “seated with the possibility to get up”.
    All those attending will be subjected to a COVID test prior
to the concert and those testing positive “will not be filtered
out since it will be necessary to put oneself in a situation in
which there is a contact”.
    Another test will be given after the event to understand
whether attendees were infected during it.
    In Paris there will be a concert with a limited number of
spectators at the Accor Arena”, she said, noting that “it is be
very interesting because concerts in which the attendees are
standing pose more problems”.(ANSAmed). (ANSA).


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