COVID: Up to 50% excess deaths in Italy last yr – Eurostat

Weird Italy 029fe6d9780ccbb2452b1489388ef1b2 COVID: Up to 50% excess deaths in Italy last yr - Eurostat What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, FEB 16 – The mortality rate in Italy rose
by almost 50% in spring and November 2020 on the same periods in
2016-19, Eurostat said Tuesday in a report on excess deaths due
to COVID in Europe last year.
    The EU hit a first peak in April, up 25%, when Spain (79.4% up),
Belgium (73.9%) and Netherlands (53.5%) were the most affected
countries, the EU stats agency said.
    Italy reached its highest levels in March (up 49.4%), April
(41%) and November (49.5%).
    There were over 450,000 excess deaths in the EU between March
and November. (ANSA).


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