100% return to class difficult at moment – head teachers

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 16 – Antonello Giannelli, the president of
the Italian national association of head teachers, said Tuesday
that he does not think it will be possible to have all of
Italy’s pupils attending class for 100% of their timetables in
the immediate future.
    Although children attending elementary and middle schools have
mostly been able to go the class during the current academic
year, high school students have only recently been able to
return, after spending much of the year having lessons via
distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    But the high-school students are only physically in school for
50-75% of their timetables, with the rest of the classes given
via distance learning.
    “Returning to class 100% is definitely the aim, but the problem
is whether this is possible, especially with the British variant
(of COVID-19), which seems more aggressive in terms of
contagion,” Giannelli told Sky television.
    “It is difficult to contemplate returning 100% at the moment,
although that is certainly the long-term aim.
    “Next year we should have the whole school population in class,
which is why we have asked for an acceleration in the
vaccination campaign for schools.
    “The (COVID) variants are spreading in the population so it is
necessary to be careful”. (ANSA).


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