Outrage after reopening of ski slopes postponed

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 15 – Several governors have expressed
outrage after Health Minister Roberto Spezanza extended a ban on
the reopening of Italy’s ski facilities until March 5, just
hours before the slopes were set to welcome back skiing
enthusiasts in many parts of the country.
    The minister made the decision after the CTS panel of experts
advising the government on its policy to handle the COVID-19
pandemic warned against reopening the pistes, amid concern about
the spread of new variants of the coronavirus.
    Spezanza, who was also health minister in ex-premier Giuseppe
Conte’s government and has kept his post in Premier Mario
Draghi’s new executive, has promised that the businesses
affected by the move will get fresh aid.
    A ban on ski slopes doing business had been set to elapse on
Monday in regions that are considered moderate-COVID-risk yellow
    Conte’s government came under fire on several occasions for
imposed new COVID-linked restrictions at extremely short notice.
    “There is anger,” said Stefano Bonaccini, the centre-left
Governor of Emilia-Romagna and the president of Italy’s
conference of regions.
    “I hope it’s the last time. It’s no longer tolerable.
    “When you find out just a few hours before, it adds insult to
    “It’s unacceptable”. (ANSA).


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