Far-right militant Bellini indicted over Bologna bombing

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 15 – A judge on Monday indicted Paolo
Bellini, a former member of rightist militant group Avanguardia
Nazionale, in relation to the Bologna train station bombing that
killed 85 people on August 2, 1980.
    Bellini is accused of being one of the people involved in
planting the bomb along with several members of the NAR
right.wing terrorist group who had been previously convicted.
    The late P2 subversive rightist Masonic lodge head Licio Gelli
and accomplices Umberto Ortolani, Federico Umberto D’Amato and
Mario Tedeschi allegedly financed and organized the massacre.
    A former Carabiniere police officer and another man were also
sent to trial for allegedly throwing the investigation off
    Last year a judge cancelled Bellini’s 1992 acquittal in relation
to the case after it emerged that a face on a frame from an
amateur Super 8 film shot by a German tourist on the morning of
the attack showed a “marked resemblance” to Bellini. (ANSA).


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