Bad weather sweeps Italy

Weird Italy 7f848554a1c63ac8d3a64ca206db4d99 Bad weather sweeps Italy What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 15 – Snow and icy winds continued to whip
Italy on Monday after one man was killed and a dozen injured in
a pile-up caused by ice on a motorway near Turin at the weekend.
    The wintry weather has been brought by a Siberian cold front.
    Snow ploughs went into operation in the Palermo area Monday
after heavy snowfalls blocked roads.
    It was also snowing in Calabria and temperatures of -13 degrees
were recorded in the Sila mountainous area.
    A lorry overturned in icy conditions in Sardinia but the driver
was unhurt.
    The big chill also continued in the north and the mercury fell
as low as -26 in Cortina, site of the current skiing world
    Schools were closed in the Caserta area north of Naples because
of snow.
    The Aeolian Islands were cut off due to heavy seas and snow also
fell on them. (ANSA).


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