Volunteers who died transporting animals to be remembered

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 12 – Memorials will be held throughout
Italy Saturday for two animal rights workers who died in a
deadly pile up on Italy’s North-South A14 highway in the early
hours February 7.
    Elisabetta Barbieri (62) and Federico Tonin (46), volunteers for
Italy’s National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA), were
transporting 50 dogs and 10 cats to adoptive homes in northern
Italy when the accident occurred.
    Many of the dogs and cats were thrown out or ran from the van
onto the highway when two 18-wheeler trucks struck volunteers’
    All of the animals were later rescued, with the exception of a
German Shephard puppy who died on impact.
    “This accident is a tragedy that would never have happened in a
civilized country. Not only because in a civilized country there
are no stray dogs, but in Italy, there is the need for
increasingly frequent transfers from South to North. A testimony
of a country whose animal welfare is split in two… due to
negligence, incapacity and (often) corruption,” writes Ermanno
Giudici from ENPA.
    Tonin was undertaking his first cross-country transport, while
Barbieri was an experienced volunteer, rescuing and transporting
animals for over 20 years.
    Commemorations will be held in Busto Arsizio’s piazza Santa
Maria and on the grounds near Bari’s San Nicola stadium
Saturday, February 13, at 5 pm, as well as in other cities and
towns around the country. (ANSA).


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