Draghi’s cabinet

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 12 – Incoming Premier Mario Draghi’s new
cabinet has 23 members, including eight women ministers.
    It also has eight non-political experts, while the rest of the
cabinet is made up of figures from the wide range of parties
across the political spectrum that are supporting the
    Here is a list of the cabinet members.
    Foreign Minister – Luigi Di Maio.
    Daniele Franco – Economy
Interior – Luciana Lamorgese.
    Justice – Marta Cartabia.
    Defence – Lorenzo Guerini.
    Industry – Giancarlo Giorgetti.
    Agriculture – Stefano Patuanelli.
    Environment and Ecological Transition – Roberto Cingolani.
    Infrastructure and Transport – Roberto Giovannini.
    Education – Patrizio Bianchi.
    University – Cristina Messa.
    Labour – Andrea Orlando.
    Culture – Dario Franceschini.
    Health – Roberto Speranza.
    Relations with Parliament – Federico D’Incà.
    Technological Innovation – Vittorio Colao.
    Civil Service – Renato Brunetta.
    Regional Affairs – Maria Stella Gelmini.
    South – Mara Carfagna.
    Equal Opportunities – Elena Bonetti.
    Disability – Erika Stefani.
    Youth Policies – Fabiana Dadone.
    Tourism – Massimo Garavaglia.
    Cabinet Secretary – Roberto Garofoli. (ANSA).


Draghi accepts mandate to be premier, presents ministers

Draghi wraps up govt, presents his ministers


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