Ship owner, officers arrested in trawler collision deaths

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 11 – The owner and two officers from an
Italian oil tanker were arrested Thursday on suspicion of
manslaughter in a suspected collision with a trawler last May
that led to the drowning deaths of three trawlermen.
    The owner, captain and third officer of the Vulcanello were
arrested after an inspection of the hull found marks of a
collision, believed to have been with the Nuova Iside trawler
that sank off northwestern Sicily on May 12, 2020.
    The captain and third officer are charged with causing a
shipwreck and manslaughter while the owner has been charged with
legal fraud and aiding and abetting.
    The captain was named as Gioacchino Costaiola, and the third
officer Giuseppe Caratozzolo.
    The owner, who was placed under house arrest, is Raffaele Bruno.
    The victims were Vito Lo Iacono, the trawler’s captain, his
father Matteo, and his cousin Giuseppe.
    The trio’s wives said Thursday “in our hearts we knew that
something strange happened that night. Our husbands were
experienced seamen and woudl never have put themselves in harm’s
way. What has now happened confirms what we thought. Now we are
trusting in the work of the judiciary because we want full
justice. Our loved ones will never come back but those who did
wrong must pay”. (ANSA).


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