Man who died of COVID leaves fortune to care home

Weird Italy d641b1b527b3b375d82791931491a75a Man who died of COVID leaves fortune to care home What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – PIACENZA, FEB 11 – An 87-year-old bookkeeper who
died of COVID in march left his large fortune to a care home in
his home town of Piacenza, the local Libertà daily reported
    A bachelor who spent his working life in a bank and his spare
time as a church volunteer, Carlo Cesare Badagnani was the son
of the historic sacristans of one of Piacenza’s largest Church
    The former bank clerk died of the coronavirus on March 26 and
left three million euros to the home for the elderly, including
cash, Treasury bonds and an apartment building containing six
flats near the church he attended.
    The head of the care home, Father Giuseppe Basini, called the
bequest “a sign of providence”.
    In Libertà, those who knew him remembered Badagnani as a “mild,
decent, God-fearing, and very devout man” and described his
donation as “an act of magnificent altruism”. (ANSA).


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