Fico voting yes to Draghi govt, elections ‘unthinkable’

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(see related stories in Italy’s political crisis) (ANSA) – ROME, FEB 11 – Lower House Speaker Roberto Fico said
Thursday that he was voting in favour of his 5-Star Movement
(M5S) backing a government led by Premier-designate Mario Draghi
in a poll of M5S members.
    “At the moment the movement is consulting its members to decide
whether to take part in a government led by Mario Draghi centred
on overcoming the current emergency, the (COVID-19) Recovery
Plan and the ecological transition,” Fico said via Facebook “The delicate moment the country is going through means we must
reflect seriously and assume our responsibilities.
    “As the President (Sergio Mattarella) explained extremely
clearly, it is unthinkable to have the country go to the ballot
box at the moment”. (ANSA).


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