Ex-husband of slain Faenza woman probed for murder

Weird Italy fa9bfd6309ff5251db9cfe18028ee1bd Ex-husband of slain Faenza woman probed for murder What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – RAVENNA, FEB 11 – The former husband of a
46-year-old Italian woman found with her throat cut in her home
at Faenza near Ravenna on Saturday has been placed under
investigation for murder with another as yet unknown person,
police said Thursday.
    Claudio Nanni, 48, a carbody repairer, is suspected of ‘pluri-aggravated murder” in the death of Ilenia Fabbri,
judicial sources said.
    Police on Thursday searched Nanni’s home and his body shop, both
in Faenza. (ANSA).


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