Draghi govt risks being too broad says Conte

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 11 – Outgoing Premier Giuseppe Conte has
said he fears the government set to be formed by
Premier-designate Mario Draghi may have a ruling majority that
is too broad for it to be effective.
    Conte told Corriere della Sera that he hoped the new government
is sworn in as soon as possible but added that, given the range
of parties supporting it, “the cohesion between the parties
could feel the effects”.
    “And the difficulties for the government’s work may increase,”
he said
The only party to have said No to a government led by the former
head of the European Central Bank is the right-wing Brothers of
Italy (FdI) group.
    FdI leader Giorgia Meloni said her party would remain in the
opposition to respect the mandate it got from its voters despite
efforts to convince her to come aboard.
    “Everyone is saying everything and the opposite of everything,”
she told Il Fatto Quotidiano. (ANSA).


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