M5S’s Grillo calls for Green ‘super-minister’ in new govt

Weird Italy f6303dc0962e7dbebd44cd70a21c41b5 M5S's Grillo calls for Green 'super-minister' in new govt What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 10 – 5-Star Movement (M5S) founder Beppe
Grillo on Wednesday called on the new government to have a
powerful ‘super-minister’ in charge of orchestrating a
transformation of the Italian economy to make it environmentally
    The M5S on Wednesday delayed an online vote of its members on
whether to back an eventual executive led by Premier-designate
Mario Draghi, after Grillo said they should wait to hear what
the former head of the European Central Bank says in public
after government-formation consultations., “France, Spain, Switzerland, Costa Rica and other countries have
a Super-Minister for the ecological transformation,”
comedian-cum-politician Grillo said via Twitter.
    “Soon they will all have to have one. It’s not me saying that.
    Nature, the economy, society are shouting it”. (ANSA).


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