M5S councillor spurs row with anti-semitic post

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(ANSA) – TURIN, FEB 10 – A Turin city councillor for the
anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) has caused a row by
posting anti-semitic drawings including a hook-nosed Jew holding
a bloody knife behind his back in an attack on the newspaper
group that publishes liberal dailies La Repubblica and La
    Monica Amore, who has a history of posting conspiracy theories
against the neoliberal global financial establishment, attacked
the Gedi newspaper group for backing former European Central
Bank president Mario Draghi’s bid to form a new government.
    After condemnation form M5S leaders she apologised for the
cartoon but said “I thought it was interesting that the Gedi
group had so many backers”.
    On Wednesday Amore was inundated with hostile reactions to her
post including one that said “Beware, because Benito [Mussolini]
was strung up upside down”, referring to the desecration of the
slain Fascist dictator’s body in 1945.
    “Shame on you, Nazi,” was another post.
    Amore has asked for a meeting with Turin’s Jewish community
leaders to apologise for what she posted in person.
    The M5S is split on supporting Draghi, once an anathema to the
anti-establishment movement, but is expected to throw its
considerable weight behind him once a delayed online vote takes
place. (ANSA).


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