Ice rink roof collapses due to snow

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(ANSA) – BOLZANO, FEB 10 – The roof of the public ice rink
and skating centre at Vipiteno near Bolzano collapsed due to the
weight of recently fallen snow on Wednesday, local sources said.
    The centre was closed due to COVID-19 and so there were no
    But the collapse was said to have caused huge damage.
    Vipiteno and the surrounding Alto Adige region are registering
record snowfalls this year.
    Since the start of the winter, local meteorologist Dieter
Peterlin told ANSA, some 285 litres/m2 have fallen, or three
times the average seasonal amount.
    The all-time record, set in 1950/51, of 317 litres/m2, is now in
sight, he said.
    A barn also collapsed due to the weight of snow on its roof at
nearby San Candido, in the Val Pusteria, on Tuesday.
    Fire teams have been removing dangerous snow from inhabitants’
roofs all over the region.
    The snow has become extremely compact due to freezing
    Snow continued to fall Wednesday all across the Alto Adige
region. (ANSA).


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