CGIL head hails Draghi’s willingness to talk

Weird Italy 1d390725dcfedc48f052531a24db9c63 CGIL head hails Draghi's willingness to talk What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 10 – CGIL chief Maurizio Landini hailed
Mario Draghi’s willingness to talk to Italy’s trade unions after
government-formation talks with the former European Central Bank
chief on Wednesday.
    Landini, leader of Italy’s biggest and most leftwing union, said
such willingness had not been shown by political leaders “for
some time”.
    Annamaria Furlan, leader of second-biggest union CISL, said
after her talks with the premier.designate that a COVID-linked
block on firings, which expires in mid-March, must be extended,
echoing calls from CIGL and the third-biggest union, UIL.


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